Bugglebots is a robot combat YouTube web series in the beetleweight division of the sport (1.5 KG). The website serves as an entry point for anyone wanting information about the series. For filming, the website served as a prototype for a series of information 'kiosk' type screens to inform competitors when they were due for battle.
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With the tools that were available for filming for competitors at Bugglebots, came an opportunity to streamline what had been created for the show. Rampage was launched in late 2020 as an event signup tool and tournament bracket generator specifically for the robot combat sport to aid event organisers in all parts of their event.
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Welsh Or Lord Of The Rings?

I saw a comment in a linguistics forum about how they often confuse Welsh place-names or words with settlements and places from the Lord of the Rings novel series. I decided to put together a fun simple quiz!
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Is This In Essex?

A very prevalent issue in society is mis-locating towns and places that they think are in Essex, but in fact are now in East London. I built up a site using Google's Geocoding API that looks to see if the provided place is in fact in Essex.
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Past Projects

Beard & Sabre Cider Company

In 2015, I helped a school friend with their start-up cidery and initially built their website and a series of webtools to aid them in legal compliance (such as Alcohol Duty Calculations), which informally at the cidery was known as 'The Caskmaster'.


DeCloudr was an idea that my brother and I came up with in 2013 based on 'promoting engagement through content' with musicians or online content providers. The site was set up so you could only access certain content, if you were following the musician or content provider on Twitter. We had 30 musicians signed up to the platform actively using the site.